Major refurbishment for prestigious Royal Opera House

Construction has begun on the first major refurbishment to the Royal Opera house in 27 years. London’s foremost performing arts venue and the home of The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet will benefit from the overhaul of all public areas, the Linbury Theatre, the member's restaurant, the Paul Hamlyn Hall and the creation of a new Linbury Foyer. StudioFractal is working closely with Stanton Williams to ensure the complex lighting requirements combine architectural precision with theatrical flair.

"The 'Open Up' project aims significantly to enhance the experience for the public, artists and guest companies, to create new opportunities to inspire audiences with our art forms and to help this wonderful place come alive throughout the day as one of London’s great cultural assets.”

- Alex Beard, Chief Executive, Royal Opera House

StudioFractal is also working with CAPCO to create a lighting strategy for the historic facades and Covent Garden Colonnade, bringing the Royal Opera House to life and helping re-establish its prominence within the London nightscape.

Read more about the 'open up' project on The Royal Opera House website.