Chris Sutherland tells Illumni about this years Light + Build

Chris Sutherland tells Illumni about this years Light + Build
Chris Sutherland tells Illumni about this years Light + Build

Chris talks to Illumni about this year Light + Build exhibition. 

The best new product(s) I saw was/were…. In general I didn’t see a huge range of new products on display however the best architectural product I saw were:

The DGA Zoom mini spot light (not sure if this is a new product but it was the first time I’d come across it). The size, aesthetics, adjustable lens and performance for such a small fitting was impressive.

I was pleased to see manufacturers such as Selux developing new luminaires with the LIF lighting column.

PROlicht with a new ranges of spot lights (Imagine Range) and whilst I was aware PROlicht offer a good selection of standard finishes/colours I was impressive with the ‘antique style’ Gun Metal paint finish.

Finally I was also delighted to see someone (SGM) has now developed an LED external rated gobo projector – that doesn’t need a plastic raincoat.

The best installation(s) I saw was/were…. This year there seems to be a number of kinetic installations as part of the stands including the glass ‘Dimple’ fittings and an OLED array making a welcomed return. The LDM new WYNG fitting was a nice calm installation with its well-tried use of warm white light gently pulsing across fritted glass but well executed.

During the evening I took in a few of the art installation from around the city including Symbols of Europe video projection onto the façade of the European Central Bank building.

I also enjoyed some of the colour fest installations on the water front ‘Flora Luma’ which were well supported by Light Art Work App ‘green and blue’ Metzler building in the background.

I was inspired by…… Use of rich materials as luminaire finishes including textured and ribbed glass shades, globes and pendants to create light pattern / distribution – a noticeable and welcomed change of direction from simply LED filament lamps – Light and Material.

My overall feeling about Light + Building 2016 is….. It’s been a few years since my last visit so I was pleased to see, and feel how busy, inspiring and all-encompassing Light and Build still is. It was also fantastic to see how the show has extended its life into the evening and city via the Luminale.