Grace Han Boutique

Grace Han Boutique
Precision minimalist lighting for new luxury retail

I love that aside from the feature pendants, there is nowhere in the store that you are overly aware of the lighting – it’s so seamless and blends from space to space perfectly, all you are aware of is a feeling of warmth that was so key to the original brief.”

Grace Han, Owner


This luxury leather goods and accessories brand is launching at Beauchamp Place in London this Autumn. Our lighting designs incorporating highly detailed joinery lighting and custom made pendants.




Buckley Grey Yeoman


Grace Han


In construction

When designing the store, I insisted on creating a contemporary but most crucially warm and welcoming environment, almost like being at home. Lighting was crucial to achieving this and Studio Fractal were a huge part of the process. I am delighted with the result. ”

Grace Han, Owner

Grace Han Boutique
Bespoke pieces for Grace Han Boutique