Grace Han Boutique

Grace Han Boutique
Precision minimalist lighting for new luxury retail

I love that aside from the feature pendants, there is nowhere in the store that you are overly aware of the lighting – it’s so seamless and blends from space to space perfectly, all you are aware of is a feeling of warmth that was so key to the original brief.”

Grace Han, Owner


The Grace Han Flagship store in Knightsbridge is an exclusive, intimate and stylishly contemporary boutique retail. Buckley Gray Yeoman were commissioned to create the interiors in unison with the conception of the Grace Han brand and worked closely with Grace to develop a luxurious and considered palette of materials including travertine, silk, rose gold, leather and marble to deliver a refined and elegant feel throughout.

StudioFractal were engaged to create a warm and welcoming environment to showcase the harmony, authenticity and attention to detail embodied within the Grace Han brand, store materials and merchandise.




Buckley Grey Yeoman


Grace Han

When designing the store, I insisted on creating a contemporary but most crucially warm and welcoming environment, almost like being at home. Lighting was crucial to achieving this and Studio Fractal were a huge part of the process. I am delighted with the result. ”

Grace Han, Owner

Grace Han Boutique
Bespoke pieces for Grace Han Boutique