Lancer Square

Lancer Square
Contemporary lighting design for Kensington mixed-use development

Lancer Square is a new mixed-use development rooted in the heritage and culture of its Kensington site. Historically once the barracks for the Royal Lancers and the kitchen gardens of Kensington Palace, the scheme draws inspiration from its palatial and horticultural past. Comprising residential apartments, a new office building and a landscaped public courtyard, the site offers residents and businesses exceptional facilities within this central London location.

Working closely with architects Squire & Partners, StudioFractal developed lighting designs throughout its residential offering, including its 36 appointed apartments, private wellness spa and facilities. The lighting design showcases the architectural detailing and finishes, expressing the character of the Lancer development, a subtle layering of treatments throughout the residential apartments and amenities highlight materials and textures.

Carefully detailed lighting contributes to the sophisticated office environment, blending with the generous daylight to offer first-class working facilities whilst delivering balanced lighting to circulation areas, visually linking each warm and welcoming environment. Light and shadow are carefully balanced throughout the central courtyard, creating an intimate and relaxing setting and subtly emphasising stone planters, artworks and water features against the softly textured planting.


Kensington, London


Architect: Squire and Partners Landscape Architect: Scape Design


Chesington Investments Ltd