Media City & Bridge

Media City & Bridge
21st century city lighting

The UK’s first 21st-century city, Media City UK has been designed to provide a mix of residential, workplace, retail and leisure activities within one fully linked environment. Spearheaded by the relocation of the BBC, ITV and a host of associated media companies, Media City has quickly gained a reputation for an exciting, vibrant and diverse community with a focus on emerging technologies and creative ideas.

StudioFractal were identified as possessing the right DNA to match the Clients vision and we created a comprehensive lighting masterplan and detailed lighting designs which focused on innovation, integration and connectivity. A strict sustainable framework was created, permitting ongoing expansion and upgrades of all lighting as the site develops and new technologies improve.

Our scope included all public realm, workspace, leisure and residential areas – and we continue to develop further buildings and spaces as Media City continues to grow.




Gillespies, Chapman Taylor, Chapman Taylor Interior, Fairhurst, Sheppard Robson


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