It’s not just about what you see...
Studio Profile
We believe the essence of evocative lighting comes from the interplay of three key elements – ambient luminescence, focal glow, and play of brilliants

StudioFractal helped us to realise and enhance our vision. Their expertise surpassed our expectations and they impressed us with the skills and craftsmanship brought to the team.”

J-J Loraine - director, Morrow + Lorraine

Or to put it another way, It’s about finding perfect balance between light and shadow; form and texture; depth and focus. It's about a different kind of harmony too – between innovation and tradition. Which is why regardless of all the smart technology at our disposal, light by StudioFractal always originates from the same source – a sharpened pencil and a sheet of paper.

We’re award-winning designers yet we’re unashamedly old-school. We sketch ideas, build prototypes, and explore new designs through experimentation. We’re curious problem-solvers who listen to our clients, because collaboration sparks great creativity.

We believe in creating an unforgettable experience. We understand the science of light, we have all the technical know-how, yet we prioritise emotion over engineering. We love what technology makes possible, but we absolutely won’t be ruled by it.

It’s why we don’t just measure light in lumens. We measure it in mood. Because it’s not just about what you see, it’s about what you feel. 

We have repeatedly had opportunities to work with lighting designers and always trust StudioFractal to make an invaluable contribution to the design and delivery of our projects.”

J-J Loraine - director, Morrow + Lorraine