Our design approach

We balance the needs of people with the architectural expression of buildings and spaces along with the pragmatic considerations of sustainability and economics.

Following the RIBA design stage format, we coordinate our lighting design process and deliverables collaboratively with both architects and the wider design team members. Since lighting is such a visual medium, at StudioFractal, we generate a range of visual material to communicate our ideas and explore team members input. Mood images, sketches, visuals, computer models and scale models are all part of our language to help convey the power and delicacy of light. Supported by a range of technical packages and deliverables, these visual tools ensure the aesthetic and functional nature of our designs.


We create lighting for people – each project is as unique as the culture and values of our clients. Through understanding the value of light and its biological and psychological impact, we can improve the health and wellbeing of those we affect, with nature often occurring as a guiding principle and inspiration within our work.

Sustainability and economics

Our designs use the minimum amount of light, lighting equipment and electrical load to achieve the required aesthetic and technical lighting performance criteria. We work hard to balance innovation and pragmatism, using standard products wherever possible, simplifying installation details and reducing the cost of installation, maintenance and long term operation. We use lighting manufacturers who promote strong reuse and recycling policies.

Buildings and spaces

The essence of creating a memorable lighting scheme comes from the interplay of three key lighting elements – ambient glow, localised accent and beautiful features.

We create lighting schemes that balance light and shadow, form and texture, depth and focus. We work closely with our fellow designers to emphasise architectural form, creating a unique sense of place and character, while anticipating the needs of users.

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