Who we are, our culture and our values

StudioFractal are award-winning architectural lighting designers. We design architectural lighting schemes for a wide range of market sectors. We are proud of our track record of creating highly original, innovative and practical lighting schemes and installations, tailored to suit each client and project.

Collaboration lies at the core of our identity. We believe the best solutions arrive from instinctive moments of insight – balanced with a rational and relentless exploration of possibilities. StudioFractal’s culture is rooted in a never-ending search for knowledge, a rigorous exploration of the aesthetic and technical ways in which light can enrich our lives. We are entirely independent – meaning we have no partners, sponsors or commercial links to any other consultant or manufacturer who can influence what we design or the products we specify.

We treat our team as family and are proud of the feedback we receive from our clients on the quality and character of our employees – which we believe reflects the time and attention we spend in helping them develop. This strength in depth enables us to engage with our clients and contribute fully to our projects from Concept to Completion. We believe this approach leads to a more enjoyable design process for all and a more successful finished project that reflects the contributions of all involved.