Alder Castle

Alder Castle
Lavish lighting treatments for uniquely crafted bronze feature wall

M&G Real Estate commissioned Morrow + Lorraine and StudioFractal to create an exceptional entrance lobby for the Alder Castle office refurbishment. With the objective of elevating the commercial appeal of the property, a bespoke light feature was created to enrich the experience of those using the lobby area and also visually engage potential clientele.

StudioFractal explored different combinations of bronze panelling, pattern perforations and lighting to create a balanced visual experience. Testing optimised the materials light accepting qualities through some time adjustments to the galvanising treatments.

A key part of the design was to simplify the installation and ensure easy maintenance. This was achieved through a clever integration of direct/indirect LED lighting strips and drivers at the front of the metal work structure, making these elements easy to access yet hidden from view. The final design and install had to fit within tight budgetary requirements whilst the look and feel had to retain its bespoke quality and integrity.

The scheme uses warm lighting through out to enrich the warm tones of the bespoke bronze panelling, with lighting applied to the front and back of structure, adding depth and removing unwelcome shadowing. The completion of the feature wall has sparked some great feedback. The unique, eye catching installation has certainly enhanced the lobby space and it shines like a beacon of luxury, amid the Central London commercial environment.   




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M&G Real Estate, Morrow + Lorraine


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