C.P. Hart Showroom, Waterloo, London


C.P. Hart


Morrow + Lorraine


James Newton

Set within the atmospheric brick railway arches near Waterloo Station is C.P. Harts Flagship store, the largest premium bathroom showroom in the UK. Working closely with the client and architects Morrow Lorraine, StudioFractal created a theatrical lighting strategy that helped create a series of contrasting lighting techniques, colour temperatures and illumination levels to showcase the prime merchandise set against the warm backdrop of the vaulted brick ceilings.

Architectural, theatrical and bespoke industrial lighting are combined throughout the showroom and event space to create a luxurious and memorable customer experience.

Fibre optic lighting is positioned above a 5.2-meter reflective mirror ceiling and undulating light is directed down each copper tube. The subtle illumination and striking materials create a welcoming statement for visiting clientele.

Featuring copper tubing, fully exposed and designed to replace a plumbing installation with LED lighting lamps pouring light down over the bar area, the installation creates a memorable entertainment space.