Hanson UK Headquarters, Stewartby




TP Bennett

A comprehensive daylighting and artificial lighting strategy developed for the Hanson Headquarters includes extensive use and integration of Hanson’s building products – including concrete, bricks and glazing.

The daylighting strategy achieved generous amounts of controlled natural light throughout all areas – including escape stairs where transparent bricks were integrated within the perimeter brickwork to make use of the natural lighting by day and act as light features by night.

The artificial lighting was developed in conjunction with the heating and ventilation strategy to create an integrated service module. The project was one of the first in the UK to promote using lower general amenity lighting levels and extensive use of task lighting, creating better lighting conditions whilst using less energy. This approach is now recommended by the British Council for Offices. The project achieved an Excellent BREEAM rating, using integrated natural and artificial lighting to achieve extremely low energy loads and exceptional lighting conditions throughout the year.