Heathrow The Queens Terminal, London Heathrow


Heathrow Airport Limited

Architects (Terminal)

Luis Vidal & partners / Pacall+Watson

Architects (Car Park)

Architects, Aedas / Grimshaw

Retail Design

The Design Solution


James Newton

The £2.5 billion Terminal 2 (The Queens Terminal) is the latest project in Heathrow Airports growing estate and sets a benchmark for exemplary environments for passengers, airlines and retailers.

StudioFractal provided comprehensive lighting design services across the Terminal and associated car park buildings while providing a cohesive lighting strategy to link the Terminal to the covered court and car park. Lighting is integrated wherever possible into ceilings, walls and floors to create a clutter-free installation where space and light are evident in all areas – even those without daylight. Subtle variations in ambient and task lighting complement the roof undulations, and extensive use of wall-washing and coloured lighting at critical points supports wayfinding and complements the range of materials used.

The rolling, sinuous forms of the Richard Wilson Slipstream sculpture, revealed through high level focused lighting provides an arresting spectacle for passengers along their journey, while integrated amenity lighting at a low, human level provides comfort and legibility.

The intelligent controls integrated within the scheme ensure that artificial lighting is only engaged when required. The total connected load for lighting across the entire development is an impressive 7.7w/sq – however, this is never fully utilised. The generous use of natural light allows the automatic control systems to reduce artificial lighting - the daytime lighting load is 4.7 w/sq. At night, when the illuminated roof feature is on, the maximum load reached is 7.0 w/sq.

Through extensive natural lighting, LED technology, integrated controls and energy generation technology (including photovoltaic cells and a biomass fuel Energy Centre), Heathrow's new Terminal 2 will produce 40% fewer emissions, establishing it as the worlds first Terminal to achieve a BREEAM 'excellent' rating.