Kings Cross Square, London


Network Rail


Stanton Williams

Part of the £550 million redevelopments of Kings Cross, the Stanton Williams scheme reveals the brick façade of Lewis Cubitt’s 1852 railway station behind a generous 75,000 sq ft plaza. StudioFractal worked closely with the architects to restore the integrity of the space and give the square greater civic importance by both day and night. Lighting from the outset was designed to create a distinct visual identity, support wayfinding and encourage commuters to linger.

Three 20m bespoke stainless steel columns provide the majority of plaza illumination, each housing an array of individually focused LED spotlights. The columns align with the rhythm of the Cubitt architecture, while the crisp steel needles sit in direct contrast to the warm brick facade behind. Smaller columns guide commuters to the ticket concourse supported via low profile lighting elements integrated into various structures and forms across the square, providing supplementary illumination and localised accent lighting

The multi-award-winning Kings Cross Square project has transformed the once neglected site into an exemplary public urban square while being the first of its kind in the UK to be comprised singularly of LED lighting technology.