Lancer Square, Kensington, London




Squire and Partners

Landscape Architect

Scape Design


Jack Hobhouse

Lancer Square is a sophisticated new development rooted in the heritage and culture of its Kensington site. Historically once the barracks for the Lancers and the kitchen gardens of Kensington Palace, the scheme draws inspiration from its palatial and horticultural past. StudioFractal were invited to develop a lighting strategy for all areas of the project that created a cohesive night-time identity.

Circulation spaces across the workplace, residential, amenity and exterior areas are all treated to a lighting scheme that creates a warmly welcoming ambience and encourages exploration. Carefully detailed layers of light accentuate materials and textures throughout 36 appointed apartments, private wellness spa and amenity areas. Characterful, energy efficient lighting was developed for the office and affordable housing lobbies as part of the wider masterplan.