London Wall Place, London


Brookfield Office Properties, Oxford Properties



Landscape Architect

Spacehub Design

London Wall Place is a state-of-the-art office development offering an acre of landscaped public realm set between two statement office buildings in central London. StudioFractal were selected to create a cohesive lighting strategy for the interiors and exteriors, paying particular attention to the adjacent Barbican estate and the much loved elevated walkways and vistas. The scope included all shell and core areas through the buildings, rooftop terraces and extensive ground-level landscaping including the historic Saxon monuments. Connectivity to the Barbicans elevated walkways was paramount.

Hidden lighting running along connecting seams between glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) and dark-blue ceramic ribs accentuates the linear language of the interior and exterior architecture. Light, shadow and reflection are carefully integrated within the landscaping to unveil the stone, metal and water features. Undulating light levels focused on drama and movement provide this City Garden with a serene and welcoming ambience.

"London Wall Place creates a new destination in the heart of the City, providing two new office buildings that can accommodate up to 5,000 employees, as well as a unique sequence of city gardens that will become a sanctuary in the Square Mile. The lighting developed by StudioFractal brings to life the historic, architectural and landscaped elements and creates an oasis of calm and tranquillity."

Sam Potter, MAKE Architecture

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