MediaCityUK and Footbridge, Ordsall, Salford and Greater Manchester


Peel Developments


Gillespies, Chapman Taylor, Chapman Taylor Interior, Fairhurst, Sheppard Robson

Media City is the United Kingdoms first 21st-century city, designed to provide a mix of residential, workplace, retail and leisure activities within one cohesively linked environment. Spearheaded by the relocation of the BBC, ITV and a host of associated media companies, Media City has quickly gained a reputation as an exciting, vibrant and diverse community, uniquely focused on emerging technologies and creative ideas.

StudioFractal were selected to create a 21st-century Lighting Masterplan that integrated lighting, communication, miniaturisation and emerging technologies. Our scope comprised all public realm, workspace, leisure and residential areas and was required to provide a relaxed, welcoming day to day ambience as well as provide the infrastructure to cater for a wide range of special events. SF continues to develop lighting designs for new buildings and spaces within the MediaCityUK 200-acre development site as it continues to expand.