Oakhill House, Tonbridge, Kent


Fidelity Investment


RHWL (now part of Aedas)

A detailed lighting strategy developed for the Fidelity Investments Headquarters in Tonbridge focused on seamless integration to provide its employees with a high-tech work environment offering comfort and adaptability. The scope comprised the new office and reception buildings along with architectural and landscape enhancements.

Through close collaboration with the design team, hidden light sources highlight primary walls, ceilings, coffers and reveal the warmth of feature brick and stone cladding used throughout the interior spaces.

An ISM (integrated service module) developed for the office zones in close collaboration with lighting and ISM manufacturers combines lighting, office cooling and smoke detection within a single bespoke unit. A specially formed diffuser and lighting array deliver direct and indirect illumination, washing the barrel vault ceiling and workstations below.

Created with the comfort and safety of the Fidelity employees in mind, the landscape lighting scheme uses trees and unobtrusive mounting positions to illuminate pathways with dappled light, guiding workers safety through the grounds after dark.