Pareidolia for Clerkenwell Design Week, London


Jestico + Whiles

Photography and film

Aurelien Thomas, Emmanuelle Bosse, Sam Wong and Ian Payne

This immersive sculpture explores concepts of movement, memory, and pattern with a large-scale digitally fabricated installation made out of Krion, a stone composite derived from natural minerals.

Pareidolia is a human phenomenon to interpret meaning and understanding from the patterns, shapes and stimulus we encounter. The sculpture begins with a fluid impression of movement carved into it and the viewer is invited to understand and make sense of this dynamic shape. As a static object during the day, we can understand a memory of movement that has happened in the past and as a dynamically lit object, we can witness the movement at night in the present.

The naturally occurring phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis with its undulating colour display inspired a set of lighting sequences that animate the sculpture by night from concealed sources.

Pareidolia is a sculptural collaboration between Jestico + Whiles, Porcelanosa, Studio Fractal and Architainment Lighting