St Helen's Square, London





StudioFractal collaborated with competition winning architects Gillespies to transform what was once a forgotten public space into an atmospheric meeting point for city dwellers and visitors alike. Nestled deep in the heart of London's primary financial district St Helen's Square operates as a major junction and thoroughfare, sitting amidst the iconic architecture of 30 St. Marys Axe, the Lloyds Building and Leadenhall.

A carefully detailed lighting strategy sought to add layers of lighting texture and create an oasis of calm amidst the fast pace of contemporary London. Moving through the undulating landscape with its pocket zones of park-like comfort, you are instinctively drawn to the swaying points of light mimicking the movement of surrounding vegetation. These bespoke light-reed fixtures add playfulness to the planting beds as a counterpoint to the subtle layers of concealed bench lighting and projected light patterns. The lighting scheme is designed to present a discrete daytime appearance while embodying robust long life, minimal operation and maintenance costs.