Villa Mumm, Frankfurt, Germany


Fidelity Investments



Interior Designers


Landscape Designers

Elizabeth Banks

StudioFractal were selected to create a comprehensive lighting scheme for the new European headquarters. Set within a historic and delicate forest, incorporating the original 19th-century villa originally built by the famous Mumm Champagne family, this award-winning scheme combines three sophisticated projects in one. A comprehensive exterior lighting scheme, sensitive lighting upgrades to the 19th Century Villa and adjoining partially buried office development with curving titanium facades. The lighting approach required considerable ingenuity to cater for the mix of architecture and usage while satisfying stringent German technical and environmental standards.

Light accentuates the juxtaposing materials of cool metal and warm textured stone while emphasising the unique geometry of the interior spaces.

The completed scheme exhibits strict control of energy usage and light pollution while offering its visitors and staff a seamless, high-quality working environment throughout.